A.Taylor & Son Services

Oil and Gas

Undoubtedly the company’s main expertise lies in the demanding industry of Oil and Gas where precision fabrication and engineering is a pre-requisite - Peoples lives everyday depend on the quality and integrity of ‘Taylormade’ products.

With a dynamic and professional approach, the company has gained a world-wide reputation for supplying an unrivalled portfolio of products to almost every oil field over the last 40 years. A.Taylor is proud to be a first tier partner to all the major oil field contractors and is renowned for delivering consistently high quality workmanship every time.

Critical components include deep water production tools, ROV equipment, sub-sea control modules, shipping skids and baskets, through to larger guide base fabrications, protective structures, canopies and the largest overtrawlable frame assemblies.

Embracing new industry challenges and developing to meet ever changing customer needs underlines the company’s desire for continuous development, both in terms of the business and its service to clients.

Oil and GasOil and Gas